Traffic Procedures

Parking /Traffic Procedures


As part of our continuing efforts to address traffic concerns, the following procedures have been implemented.  We realize that drop off and pick up can be challenging and we appreciate your efforts in following these procedures at all times.


  • The circle is for live drop-off only! Drivers need to stay in their vehicles and move with the flow of the traffic.


  • If you are the front vehicle, pull up as close to the front door as possible.  This will allow for more children to exit vehicles and help move the line of the traffic more quickly.  Cars in line should let children out onto the sidewalk.  Please DO NOT WAIT to get to the front door.  This delays the movement of cars out of the circle.  Adults are supervising the sidewalks.


  • Do not drive out of the line. Remain in the circle line, even if your child has exited the vehicle. Passing other cars in the circle is prohibited due to the safety of children.


  • Please do not drop children off in the parking lot.  This is not a drop off area and raises concern regarding the safety of children walking and running through a very busy and congested area.


  • Kindly, do no park behind cars parked in the lot, blocking them in.  We have many district employees who need to travel to other schools throughout the course of the day.


  • Be respectful of the NO PARKING zones.  Parking in NO PARKING zones compromises safety, reduces the visibility of pedestrians and drivers, and makes it difficult for buses to enter and exit the parking lot.


  • Please, please do NOT park in the lot designated as STAFF PARKING ONLY.  Parking is allowed on side streets and is also available on Cross Street, near the rear pathway to the school. Kindly, do not block our neighbors’ driveways.



Thank you for respecting our traffic procedures.


The safety of all children, coupled with an increased ease of drop off and pick up for parents is very important to us.